A chameleon! Are you sure?

Chameleons are a distinctive and highly specialized decedents of Old World lizards with 202 species described as of 2015. So, what have we got here ...a new specie? Well, no. This is the clever product of Italian artist,
Artist, musician and fine art bodypainter. Born and based in South Tyrol (Italy) He cleverly interlaced two painted models horizontally in order to simulate a chameleon crawling on a branch in its natural environment. Can you distinguish the two artistically painted models positioned on top of each other. In perfect harmony, they achieve the desired effect of a chameleon crawling. Such creativity reflects the spiritual influence and nature-related themes of Johannes Stoetter who is considered to be the world's best body painting artist. He faithfully manages to mirror animals, fruits and landscapes with his painted models. He said: "Bodypainting is special because the artwork is alive and can move..." So realistic are his work that for most people, it is difficult to see his models making up his art nature representations, as you will surely appreciate in the following painted bodies shown (with permission) on this page.Johannes is Bodypainting World Champion 2012 in the category brush/sponge. -- Johannes Stoetter's website - biography, events, videos and more at:


A Frog... a Kiss... a Prince...

Johannes Stoetter had no problem in kissing a frog and, ultimately made him a famous "PRINCE"!

In 2013, his creativity, dedication and his affinity with nature's geometry, colours and forms paid off big time. He achieved notoriety with his legendary creation of a tropical frog consisting of 5 bodypainted models becoming one with nature. He made headlines in the world press and was featured in newspapers, magazines and online magazines. Equally, his art work featured on TV channels across Europe, USA and crossing to Asia.

Take your time and look carefully at the green frog and you will see all five painted models as rear legs, body and front legs; all in harmony and reflecting a Prince.

Bodypainting Galleries are in themes:
Animals Illusions; Pictures in body; Facepainting; Animals, Trees, Rocks, fruits, Gaia; Elements, Light of Life; Continents; Seaso;s, Music, Wood; Landscapes; Wild Fashion; Nature Spirits; Human Envirnment; Anatomy; Commercial




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All artwork reproduced with permission